Video Marketing Is King


A new era has arrived where video marketing is now king. This type of marketing has only been around for a short time but due to high demand and companies like Google making it so easy for people to upload videos onto the internet video marketing has exploded. We here at Doodle Videos are proud to present you with only the highest quality whiteboard animation or explainer videos. These videos are built so well that it increases video retention by at least 70%. But that isn’t the only thing we offer, we also offer video analytics, video seo and in video call to actions. You can track every single video view and at that very moment where the viewer is looking for more information they’ll be presented with a call to action they just can’t resist. A call to action that will turn that single viewer into a blazing hot lead that is ready for whatever you can throw at them. The perfect time to reach out and make a sale. Don’t be bothered creating the video leave that to the professional. We have perfected the art of creating doodle videos and you’ll be happy with our work as every single video we do is built with passion.