From the era where landline phones to radio calls, the smartphone has revolutionized communication, when you purchase your new smartphone, the first place you click to is application store, so that you get up to date application that will ease the way you use your smartphone.
One of these applications that will catch your interest is Viber messenger application,

Viber is a new application in the market that has many capabilities compared to other communication software, this application, when downloaded and installed in your smartphone enables you to call, text, send video and photo messages across any part of the world over 3G and Wi-Fi.
Viber is compatible with all the android smartphones and even tablets, the same with whatsapp gratis online from other operating systems such as iOS.

Features of Viber application

Privacy And Free Calls
Viber smartphone application is simple to use, enabling you as the use to text with your friends on your contact list, you do not have to worry about unknown persons from accessing your messenger application. Viber enable you to make free calls using your internet bundles, this is very cheap especially on international calls.

Group Chat
Unlike other messenger application, Viber allows you to create a group chat of up to 100 participants in your contact, thus making it easy to share, create forum and exchange ideas among the group members.

Personal Computer support and Language
One unique feature for Viber is that you can still use your application on your Personal computer using windows and Mac. The latest version of Viber is very flexible, you can set the application to the language you prefer, that includes more than 30 languages.

Push notification
Viber’s push notification guarantees you ease of communication, this application will make sure you do not miss any call or chat message even if you smartphone is off.

Advantages of Viber application
Once you download and install the application, it automatically synchronize with your contact, the same occur in descargar whatsapp android where notices and notifies you who in your contact is using Viber.