How to choose an honest leaflet firm


There are so many leaflet distribution companies that it’s hard to know which companies will best serve you and get your flyers delivered diligently and effectively. A tip would be to always use a firm which has delivery verification in place such as GPS tracking or supervised distribution.

However, in an attempt to save money there may be a temptation to choose leaflet distribution companies that are charging really cheap prices even though they do not offer any substantive delivery verification. The advice here would be to “stop and think”. Low prices are of course a temptation for everyone and especially during times when marketing budgets are reduced. But choosing a leafleting company based on price alone could be a mistake however as some of these so called “cheap” firms employ dishonest distribution methods to minimise costs and also make a profit.

As the cheap firm is unlikely to supervise their staff or use GPS tracking they can engage in unethical practices like paying staff less than the minimum wage. Such a practice will virtually ensures the distributor will not be motivated enough to deliver your leaflets properly or at all.

The “cheap” firm will use unreliable back checking systems – how would you know if the householder signatures confirming receipt of your leaflet are actually genuine?

Our leaflet distribution company is completely honest, reliable and transparent unlike “cheap” leafleting firms. We use live GPS tracking to track all of our deliveries as well as employing full time supervisors on the ground who supervise all distribution round from start to finish.