Benefits of Watching TV shows Online using online Services like game of thrones


Nowadays there are tons of website that offers free streaming of your favorite tv show.

These services were born to sustain human needs and fight geographic restrictions.

Using online service on watching tv shows is more convenient than using television. Watching the game of thrones season 5 episode 1 online is great

Alot of people preferred watching using tv shows via internet because it is more efficient.


Great example of this website is

I usually use this website because its fast, reliable and ad free.


The site is user friendly and easy to navigate.

Thousands of people also use this website as it looks really sexy.


i also tried to use other websites but nothing can be  compared with couch-tuner


There are several websites that offers the same service.


The list is below:


Cons: One of the most important disadvantage of using netflix is that it is not free to use, user has to subscribe on a monthly subscription to be able to stream on netflix.


User has to pay £6.99 for a month of subscription.


And one of the disadvantage of using netflix is that it is not available worldwide.


Netflix doesn’t have the latest episodes of tv shows too as it needs permission before airing episodes on their website


Pros: Netflix offers HD streaming of tv show. Legal website.


Cons: same as netflix hulu is not free and is also limited only for United States only.


The cost of subscription is $7.99 per month.

Pros: i think i don’t need to to specify the advantages of hulu as it has the same pros with



A lot of people reportedly to encounter threats on third party websites some says they even get a problem with their computer. Watch tv online with us.


Base on my experience I never had this kind of problems using

“If you’ve happen to encounter little problem using the following website you can comment on this article so that I can help you.”


If you don’t have experience on using third party sites like I highly recommend them as they helped me a lot. Specially because I can’t subscribe to Netflix and Hulu since I am living in third party country most likely they can’t support.


I’ve been using them since 2014 and they never failed me. I managed to get up to date to my favorite tv shows such as the walking dead and game of thrones. They even have the most updated tv shows like the flash and other top tv shows in United States.

The only problem on using the Third Party sites like is that you will be needing a internet connection to be able to do that. Other than that everything is cool.

It is very convenient on watching tv shows using the internet as you do not have to worry about the time or being late on the air time of the tv show or you don’t have a problem how to watch this show. is also available in mobile and is mobile friendly. In fact I’ve been using this site even when I’m not home and just in a mobile. I could completely watch some tv shows that I want whenever I want.