Barbary Fig Seed oil – one of nature’ best anti aging products


The Barbary Fig Seed oil is a naturally occurring and rejuvenating oil that is suitable for all types of skins. Branded as one of the best anti aging serums, the oil is particularly beneficial for skins experiencing trauma due to severe sun damage or environmental stress, hyper pigmentation, scarring and wrinkle prone skins. The oil is exceptionally high in Vitamin E, Barbary fig seed oil and betalains that protect the face skin against free radicals, calms inflammation and stimulates the growth of cells.

It is not only perfectly suited to provide the face with intense hydration, but to other parts of the body including the hair and nails. The amino acids and active minerals present in this best anti aging serum make it a potent antioxidant that softens, refines and soothes skin texture. To enjoy the best results, apply at least two drops of the oil around the eyes, cheeks, forehead and lips. The oil should be used directly on the skin before retiring to bed in order to enhance rejuvenation during sleep.